about the Atsidi project






We have here a collection of dolls. Mostly, they come from Japan. Some are from Korea. In human terms they are just shy of two feet tall. In Atsidi terms they are to-scale. Their material is polyurethane resin, which is durable, if photosensitive stuff; they stand up to rooftops, jacked-up alleyways, moderate quants of dirt and danger. They can be customized, generally with high-end acrylic paint. It takes some truly toxic stuff, called Mister Super Clear, to prime the surface for color. Wigs and costumes are changeable and as you find them.

The dolls are actors here. They are storytellers. They are ghost-holders.

Atsidi is a Navajo word, a name, and it means "smith" or "maker." You can pronounce it as if it's spelled "Etsitty."

making Atsidi

eric tseng